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Successful Experience:

Every client has different strengths, challenges, goals and objectives. Clients expect their fundraising counsel to provide sound direction, grounded in years of development experience, for a wealth of situations and issues. All our clients receive solid, proven strategies that enable them to maximize their opportunities for success and avoid problems that other institutions have encountered in similar circumstances. We've worked with a wide variety of organizations and we've helped all to be successful in their own unique ways and in measures most important to them.

Teaching and Coaching:

Teaching and coaching are hallmarks of our fundraising counsel. We work intently with lay and professional leadership to impart the necessary skills that will increase your institution's capacities now and many years hence. We provide many hours of experiential, hands-on training and coaching to build great fundraising teams. Working one-on-one and in small groups, we provide instruction, direction, positive reinforcement and feedback. We supply each organization with a strong cadre of volunteers and staff equipped with personal and professional skills that will be a long-term, transferable asset to the institution.


Successful fundraising is both an art and a science. The plan and methodology represent the science; the art lies in the interpersonal arena. Many clients with whom RDG works are contemplating a campaign of unprecedented magnitude, entering uncharted territory. The leadership of an organization needs confidence that a successful campaign is achievable. We excel in demonstrating to our clients that each member of their team plays a vital role and if everyone does their part, success is within their grasp.

We craft a campaign plan that is manageable and establishes intermediate objectives to maintain momentum and enthusiasm. We keep the leadership team foremost in our actions and orchestrate a successful completion to a vitally important endeavor.


Holding the leadership team accountable for performance is one of the most important expectations of fundraising counsel. We help our clients establish the tasks that need to be accomplished; perform the actions necessary to complete the tasks; recruit, train and motivate the individuals needed to meet these objectives. The leaders know that they are responsible to one another and to the institution. Our experience allows us to be gently persistent or urgently direct, as the situation may warrant, while maintaining a positive attitude.
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