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About Us

The Resource Development Group (RDG) is dedicated to providing high quality, client-centered consulting services to the nonprofit sector. Our mission extends beyond philanthropy. We provide dynamic solutions that empower our clients, strengthen their futures, and position them to fulfill their most noble ambitions.

Our commitment is to help build and sustain great institutions. RDG helps nonprofit organizations enhance and maximize their staffs and volunteers, material resources, programs, community goodwill, and fundraising opportunities. Our mission is to build the capacity of our clients to serve their communities and to achieve their strategic vision.

Because unique circumstances accompany common problems, we enter every engagement with the understanding that the solution to our clients' challenges will not be available off the shelf. Our strategy is a flexible framework of principles that have proven effective in organizations new and venerable, small and large. Our approach is developed in conjunction with your executives, staff, and key stakeholders to tailor these principles to your mission's unique goals and needs. We provide dynamic solutions that can be adapted as your organization grows, and training that can be passed on to others who take up your mission.

Our greatest reward is found in empowering an organization to achieve goals that they once thought were out of reach. Our success is measured not only in dollars raised, but also in terms of our ability to help our clients transform their sense of what is possible. We find our cause in meeting our clients' needs and our reward in exceeding them.

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